Moderna Seeks Emergency Use Authorization, Stock Price Surges

Moderna Vaccine

According to the latest news, Moderna is seeking Emergency use clearance for its vaccines after the original trial analyses show that the vaccine is 94,1% effective.

Based on this latest news price of Moderna Inc / Ticker: MRNA has surged, going up almost 18% in 1 day, 120% during last 30 days.

Moderna is one of the major players in the race to develop the Covid-19 vaccine. It has been one of the first to report that its vaccine has shown great results in the first round of testing.  It seems more and more likely that Moderna`s vaccine will be the first or one of the first that will be distributed to the masses.

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Moderna Inc. reached a deal with the Trump administration to supply 100 million doses of its experimental vaccine for Covid-19, in a pact valued at up to $1.5 billion. European Union, Canada, and Japan also have huge deals agreed with Moderna.

It’s a fact that the global community is desperate to end the Covid-19 Pandemic, and countries will not hesitate to pay large sums to get the vaccine. The first company to satisfy this huge global demand for the Covid-19 Vaccine will be a massive winner and Moderna is very close to reaching that finish line.

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