TESLA will be added to S&P 500

Great News for TESLA investors. S&P 500 index committee has announced that it will be adding Tesla trading under the ticker: TSLA to Its 500 US large-cap company list. This additional news follows Tesla`s $331 million 2020 3rd quarter profit results. IT is Tesla`s 5th straight profitable quarter in a row, and this is convincing more and more people regarding the great future of TSLA.

Goldman Sachs has stated that this inclusion in S&P 500 might spark a rally of buying TSLA buy big cap mutual funds and institutional investors. For one ETF funds based on S&P 500 will automatically be buying TESLA stock after December 21st, as soon as it will be included in the INDEX.

TSLA has gone up whooping 470% this year alone, however if we consider the fact that it has recently doubled the earnings of 3rd quarter compared to last year this bullish run is not surprising.

When investing in TSLA you should not only be considering car sales. TSLA is much more than just a car manufacturer. IT’s a tech company that is about to disturb the whole car and truck industry with its new battery technology and autonomous driving systems. TESLA AI driving systems are the best in class. When it comes to autonomous driving, Data is the most important thing, and Tesla has hundreds of thousands of cars driving all around the world and collecting data, which puts it ahead of all the competition by at least 5 years when it comes to AI driving. As soon as autonomous driving will be legalized and approved TSLA will skyrocket and most of the car manufacturing companies will be tempted to pay Tesla to get a license to use its autonomous driving software.

If you are thinking it`s too late to invest in TSLA, think again! We think Tesla has much better days to come ahead and the 600$ price tag for TSLA is not that far away

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