“Ripple will go up 100x” – Analyst “Credible Crypto” States

Cryptocurrency enthusiast “Credible Crypto” has been twitting lately about his expectations regarding Ripple cryptocurrency XRP.

He believes that cryptocurrency market is poised for a correction soon, however after the correction happens investors should be investing in XRP and BTC because they have support.

His expectations are that after the correction XRP will be starting long-term bullish run, and his price target is $25-$30 which if correct means investor will be making up to 100x returns on their initial investments.


We think a 100-fold rise of XRP seems a little far-fetched in the short-run however, XRP has strong fundamentals and the backing of ambitious Seniors of Ripple that want to disrupt the Finance industry so XRP seems like it will make its investors happy no matter what!

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